Why the Name Rebirth and Refresh?

I have recently been trained in Rebirthing Breathwork in Santa Teresa Costa Rica. It’s a beautiful tool that I was blessed to used during my tender, beautiful time with my first 6 ayahuasca treatments to change my life a very profound way. Although I can‘t bring ayahuasca to you in Hawaii, I can bring this […]

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My Rebirthing

2020 was a big year for all of us… But for me personally, I had a lot of time on my hands to do a lot of growth. More than I have ever done… 🙏🏻 I Started out in March just as confused as everyone else about how this year would go… But it didn’t […]

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It Only Took One Pose…

It only took one pose for me to really get into improving my yoga practice… That pose was Ardha Chandrasana also known as Half Moon Pose. I loved this pose for all that it had to offer! It had heart opening, hip opening, balance, strength, concentration, clearing the mind, improved coordination and confidence, breath work […]

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Blissfulyoginomad lives!

I had just finished massage school in Samara Costa Rica for 4 months and it was quite the challenge, but satisfying as it was the first time that I had been in school in more than 20 years. I pulled off my first 4.0 and realized how much I love to connect with people and […]

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Life after the Himalayas

We pulled into Pokhara shortly after the bus fire via taxi. We ate and went to bed. I stayed at Hotel Love and Light out of convenience and fatigue. The family that ran the hotel were super sweet and my travel companions were happy to eat there since they were staying there too. I have […]

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No Worry Chicken Curry

I have been in Nepal now for the past 8 days. I started out in Kathmandu just on the edge of Thamel to prepare for hiking other Annapurna Circuit Trek. It was definitely a bubble for us hikers at Zostel and I met quite a few new people everyday. I met Katrina on the day […]

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Discovering Bali

I made it to Ubud for my raw chef course a week early back in December so I had time to relax and check this place out. Firsts on the list were massage and pedicure. My feet were torn up in India walking barefoot, but I didn’t mind. It was a wonderful reminder of my […]

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